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Cyber Laws & Information Technology (For LL.B.)

Publisher: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 8th edn., 2020
Year: 2020
ISBN: 978-93-86920-91-1

About Cyber Laws & Information Technology (For LL.B.)

 Chapter 1       Basic Concepts

Chapter 2       Internet and Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Technology

Chapter 3       Network and Network Security

Chapter 4       Cyber Space and Netizen

Chapter 5       Cyber Law & Components of Cyber Law

Chapter 6       Cyber Law in India: An Overview of Information Technology Act, 2000

Chapter 7       Cryptography, Encryption Technique & Algorithm and Digital Signature & Electronic Signature

Chapter 8       E-Commerce

Chapter 9       E-Governance

Chapter 10     E-Record & E-Contract

Chapter 11     Regulator

Chapter 12     Certifying Authority

Chapter 13     Electronic Signature Certificates

Chapter 14     Subscriber

Chapter 15     Cyber Appellate Tribunal

Chapter 16     Cyber Crimes: Cyber Contraventions

Chapter 17     Cyber Offences

Chapter 18     Power of Investigation & Search

Chapter 19     E-Evidence and Computer Forensic

Chapter 20     ISP & Intermediary Not to be Liable in Certain Cases

Chapter 21     Consequential Amendments in Various Conventional Laws in India

Chapter 22     Grey Areas of Information Technology Act, 2000

Chapter 23     Cyber Jurisdiction

Chapter 24     E-Consumers

Chapter 25     Privacy of Online Data and Information

Chapter 26     Free Speech Online or Online Freedom of Speech and Expression and Liability of Intermediary

Chapter 27     Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): International and Indian Scenario

Chapter 28     Copyright Issues and Digital Medium

Chapter 29     Patent Issues in Digital Medium

Chapter 30     Domain Name Dispute & Resolution and Trademark Issues in Digital Medium

Chapter 31     Spamming and Phishing


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